sâmbătă, 2 februarie 2019

Ultima poveste - Adevărul

Look, said She, the K, a target!
Look, said He, the D, a gun!
Well, said She, the K, Juliette has a gun already.
Well, said He, the D, i am not Romeo.
Cool, said She, the A, cause Romeo must die.
Oh, my dear, said He, the Dracula, what the poor soul did to you? Refused you in love or war?
Oh, my sinner, said She, The Hunter, i did ok on my own.
Oh, my temptation, said He, The Dracula, i do not see it.

(Laughs and applauses).

Well, He, said She, my mask is not gonna change.
Well, said He, The Last Dracula, why?
Cause i am an assassin, said She, the Corvinus. Like a long line before me, who had no place in Wallhala.
Look, said He, the Dracula, a cross! Do you care to set upon it?
Well, said She, the Corvinus, not really. I used to eat sinners and high...
Stop! said He, the Dracula, no vampire has a place in Walhala.

It must be than a very sad place, said She, the Corvinus. But there is a place for me in Hell. It is called a Throne.
What are you than, She Corvinus? said Dracula.
A burning an eternal flame, He Dracula, i am. And you are not the blood to feed it or the ice to calm it down.
Than you will not meet me.
Oh, my dear boy, said She, The Crone, you met me. I did not like you. Maybe the Mina will like you enough to survive.
In the Shadows, Jack the Ripper smiled.

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