vineri, 1 februarie 2019

The talisman (altă poveste engleză)

Look, said She, the One with many names, a stone.
Look, said He, the Lord of Evil, the ones to cast it.
Look, said She, the Trinity, the one who has a ring for it.
Look, said He, the Lord of Evil, the wall of madness.
Look, said She, the Vishnu, the omens on the wall.
What omens? asked He.
The eyes, not the tears.
You are very confusing, said He, the Lord.
Mists and magic are in the Lands of Mordor also.
Cabala is there too, said the Lord, looking at She for the first time.
The cab or the maskarad, said She, looking not mad, but sad at He.
Well, said the Lord, what you choose?
Cause i've been there allready.
What did you see?
A Louis killing a girl.
You are not a girl.
Not anymore, said She, Shiva. The cab was black.
And the mask?
The mask has a Trinity into her.
As in?
Black. Sun. Flower.
The Louis wants you still.
And i want Louis. But i met an Arthur. And i want my round table.
I do not get you.
She, who became Morrigan, smiled. The mists in Avalon were nothing compared to the towers of Camelot and the Dark Castle. The Castle of Abbadon.
We are too complicated, said He.
Yes, said She. Cause i am a Gemini. And you, my dear, are really a Fool.
And you?
A Capricorn.
The stone was blue. The stone was a talisman. She, the Death, took it. The wall falled down.
At last! said Budha, who resided in She. I've been fighting this wall since the days of the fall.

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