marți, 29 ianuarie 2019

Dialog englez

- Look, said She, The Khali, an angel!
- Yes, said He, The Shiva, the last of his kind.
- Look, said She, the portrets of the ones saved by the angel.
- Yes, said He, The Budha, i saw them too. They were hungsmans all. What are you, She, The one day Khali?
- I am Venice, mesire.
- What is Venice, She?
- The Lost Mask.
- Lost Where?
- In Heavens.
- What is Heavens?
- An Eternal Place.
- A place of what? said He.
- A place of Virtue.
- And now what?
- And now, we open the Inferno.
- What are you there, Venice?
- The Sin.
- The Sin of what?
- The Sin of the Look.
He, the Budha, smiled. She, The Khali, was a virtuos dancer. She, The Khali, smiled. Venice was Eternal also. But there were tears in her smile.
- Why are you crying, She? asked He, The Devil.
- Cause you not gonna see it, He.
- What?
- The last door. The open one. The one all hungsmans saw.
- What is behind that door? said He, The Budha.
- Me, said She, The Devil. And a star. A battlestar called Galactica.
- Why? said He.
- To no repeat my mistakes. And let all of you to repeat yours.
The Angel was tasty.

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